Custom text share in facebook, twitter and whatsapp

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Following code helps you to share custom user defined text to facebook, twitter and whatsapp. replace app_id with your facebook app_id and change by your site url, whats app will be tested using mobile device only.

Label Text With Marker Image in Google Map using Php

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How to run multiple domains using single database content in WordPress

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Step-1 : First add following code in wp-config.php file define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]); define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]); Step-2 : Then paste following code in functions.php file of your template update_option(‘siteurl’,’’); update_option(‘home’,’’);

Program for reverse of any array in ‘C Language’

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You can follow simple logic for reversing any array, the logic is run two variable in a single loop. One from starting and other from ending till the middle of array then swap all the values of from both end. Example : 1,4,5,7,4 and the output should be 4,7,5,4,1 #include #include void main() { int arr[5],i,j,t; clrscr(); printf(“enter the elements of the array”); for(i=0;i<5;i++) scanf(“%d”,&arr[i]); printf(“\nthe reverse of above array is as follow”); for(i=0,j=4;i<5/2;i++,j–)//you can start more than one variable in a loop using comma(,) { t=arr[i]; arr[i]=arr[j]; arr[j]=t; } for(i=0;i<5;i++) printf(“%d\t”,arr[i]); // \t is used for tab space between …

General Counter Using JS and CSS

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Following is the simple code for general counter code <span id=”count1″>0</span> | <span id=”count2″ >0</span> | <span id=”count3″>0</span> following code should be present in java script section var count1 = 0, s=0, l=0, greenlight = new Boolean(0), speed = 50, //1second countingSpeed; function start(spd,stp) { l=0; s=0; count1 = 0; countingSpeed = setInterval(function(){ counter1(stp); },spd); } function counter1(end){ count1++; if(count1

What is sorting in C Language and their types?

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Sorting is used for arranging elements in ascending or descending order. There are many types of sorting techniques are present in ‘C Language’, Some of them are follows. Bubble sorting Step-1 The techniques of bubble sorting is very simple, in this case we have to pick first element of an array then compare other elements if other elements are smaller than first element then swap it with first element. Step-2. Then pick second element and compare them next following elements if other one are smaller than second element then swap it and repeat this step till the array is not …

What is Searching and searching types in C language ? Binary Search, Linear search

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Searching techniques are used for find out any element from an array. There are mainly two types of searching techniques present in ‘C Language’. 1. Linear Searching. 2. Binary Searching. Linear Searching techniques is very simple but time taking process. In this process searched element compares with all elements of array one by one, if any of element will be matched with an element then we find its position and show the resultant element. If the searched element is not found within the array at the last position it shows that element is not found. Binary Searching is also very …

Program for reverse any array in C Language

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The logic for reversing any array in ‘C or C++’ is very simple. First of all run the loop from starting to half of the array length and then swap first element with last element and so on. #include #include void main() { int arr[10],i,j,t; clrscr(); printf(“enter the elements of array”); for(i=0;i

WAP to findout the greatest number from an array

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Logic for finding greatest number from an array is very simple. first of all enter all elements of the array, then compare all elements with each other and store the greatest number in a variable. #include #include void main() { int arr[10],i,m; clrscr(); printf(“enter 10 elements”); for(i=0;i

Simple example of 1-D array.

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following is the simple program for entering 10 elements of an array and show them as they are entered #include #include void main() { int arr[10],i; //arr is the 1-D array which stores 10 elements clrscr(); printf(“enter 10 elements”); for(i=0;i